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Have you wondered how challenging it is to lead a group of different characters? And at the same time distinguish your presence inside your business as leadership rather than management? Use the science of modern psychometrics to build smarter, agile and engaged teams. The science and practice of modern psychometrics can help you capitalise on a wide range of factors that enhance job performance, team cohesiveness, and unveil how people can work smarter, agile and engaged.

What Bounds an Engaged Team? What Makes it so Valuable for Leadership?

Coordination and cooperation are essential. However, no stone can be left unturned since an engaged team is made up of various components. There is a strong combination of talents, skills, interests, and values. Goals are straightforward and mutually agreed upon, and people appear to communicate concisely and, most importantly, on time.

People help each other. They nurture a climate of trust, psychological safety and mutual support. Furthermore, they discuss problems frankly, but when presented with controversy, they show a desire to settle conflicts constructively. Last but not least, management instils faith and trust in their workers by offering opportunities for growth and advancement.

So what glues people together?

Linda Hill, professor at Harvard Business School, suggests that a collective work approach and mutual commitment are key ingredients. Furthermore, when people are committed to a shared goal or set challenging goals related to that purpose, they are more likely to produce positive outcomes that outweigh the sum of individual efforts.

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source: MartketPlace Deisgners illustration on Canva

Reflect on this picture for a moment and afterwards ask your team to give it some thought. Write down the answers on a whiteboard for everyone. It’ll help you understand what more you must do to get the best out of your people.

How to Harmonise Your Team With a Genuine Sense of “WE”?

Team development is an important aspect of any leader’s job description if they wish to unite their team around performance goals and be agile. On top of that, they need to preserve team spirit and optimism when things don’t go as planned. Similarly, one of the main qualities of successful leaders is their ability to blend talents into performing groups.

How can you spot patterns so that you can play to your team’s strengths?

For instance, some workers might be inclined to think in simple terms when performing their tasks. Colleagues may perceive them as practical, but what if they actually have a preference for living in the moment? Your team’s performance may decline over time if you can’t find a good balance of team roles.

Bring in the Science of I/O Psychology into the Workplace and Make Positive Changes

As I/O Psychologists, we recognise the impact of psychology on people in the context of the workplace. To that end, we use cutting-edge psychometrics to look deeply into how people think and why they behave the way they do. Then, build and introduce interactive learning and coaching programmes that give them the opportunity to acquire skills. We don’t stop there; we also make sure that learners are cognisant of how to apply their newly learned skills at work through collaborative means.

At The Inner View, that is what we help you do. We integrate behavioural science and evidence-based consulting practices in business operations to help companies develop synergetic teams.

How Do We Create and Develop Engaged Teams Using Modern Psychometrics?

One of our main business lines focuses on designing and validating bespoke assessment tools. From cognitive abilities and personality traits, to motivation, interests, values, and skills. As a result, our tools enable businesses to learn more about someone’s character and skills, as well as gain a broad understanding of their personality profile.

Equally significant, our team profiling tools help managers to screen potential talent, determine team fit, and make the best hiring decisions. They gain valuable learning and development insights and learn how to collaborate with each member in the most harmonious and progressive way possible.

Reduce the time taken to find the right talent for your business using our custom-built assessment tools. Compare individual profiles against your team’s dynamics and speed up the time-to-hire.

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Cosmin Gabriel Sofron works as an I/O Psychologist, HR and Organizational Consultant with expertise in psychometric testing & development, gamified assessments, coaching, and group dynamics. His mission is to empower individuals and organisations in balancing long-term performance and wellbeing by using methods and strategies from cognitive behavioural science, psychology, design thinking, and modern psychometrics.

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