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We conduct personality assessments and evidence based HR consulting

Understand your personal attributes and make more informed career decisions

Identify occupations that potentially could be a good fit for you. Choose our fully validated and customised assessment platform. Or simply discuss about how your personality traits affect your career path and identity. Have a sit down with our team’s expert learning facilitators and tailor a developmental plan. 

As we move forward, we will match results with your work activities, skills, values and interests. We question and facilitate transformational experiences necessary for career exploration, growth and ongoing professional development.

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Assessment and Development

We identify your personality, interests, work activities, potential skills, and values. Our expert learning facilitators will engage with you in a transformational experience identifying and agreeing on the key outcomes of the development process and ensuring the criteria that will define your success are measurable and clearly captured.

Teamed up with

We have partnered up with Great People Inside and make use of their digitally powered assessment tools, to which we add our vast organisational psychology expertise, making certain you are provided with the best possible results tailored to your requirements. 

We have partnered up with Qriser to educate and inspire. Webinars, coaching interventions, workshops and practical courses on meaningful work on Qriser’s lifelong learning platform.

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