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Hire the right people using modern psychometrics
Goal clarity
Explore important goals in a realistic way and actively work towards them.
Change management
Overcome obstacles associated with change in a guided coaching process.
Self leadership
Rely on your ability to intentionally influence how you think, feel and act with purpose.
Transformative growth
Take learning to a deeper level, gain perspective, and find meaningful solutions.
Individual Coaching
A partnership for growth
Coaching is a facilitated and tailored process of change. We adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition of coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Our coaches accompany clients in 1:1 sessions focused on achieving specific objectives, based on their current business or professional context. In a defined timeframe, after an initial needs analysis, we focus on their growth, whether that means developing new skills or communicating better with relevant others.

Explore our coaching programmes for improved performance or relationship effectiveness.
Managerial Coaching
Improving performance in a leadership role
We consider leadership capabilities critical for businesses. Managers are under increasing pressure to achieve results coordinating people with various skills and attributes.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions are designed to develop the core leadership skills every manager needs to significantly contribute to their team’s development: communicating objectives and expectations, broadening employees' perspective, using guiding questions to plan task resolution, offering feedback on performance.

Programmes that address these skills generate, on average, 7 times the amount initially invested in the coaching process, according to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study. Managers' abilities to facilitate and empower others improve their leadership performance, create trust and build employee autonomy.

Hire us to better equip your managers to support their teams in reaching business goals.
Executive Coaching
Being effective and resilient at the top
Thriving organisations have executives that consider facts and focus on long term results rather than increased quarterly profits. They manage their emotions, make unbiased decisions, and lead their company fearlessly to the top. They achieve outstanding results without necessarily taking credit for everything.

As any top athlete knows, it’s not about reaching the top, but more about staying there. Our 1:1 coaching sessions support executives to stay on top of the game by changing rigid behaviours and thinking patterns that hold us down at times.

Set up a coaching partnership with us to promote a culture that recognises performance, celebrates transparent dialogue, and readiness for change in your organisation.
Coaching for Career Management
Owning your career path
Making informed decisions about career opportunities can be a struggle at times. Our 1:1 coaching sessions focus on your values, work style and needs for development in order to take full responsibility for your professional growth.

Develop skills, build self-efficacy, increase resilience, and achieve work-life balance so that your career path becomes a compelling story to tell.

Our format is designed to address obstacles associated with any major transition, whether it’s landing your first job, changing your career path, preparing for a big promotion or staying active after retirement.

Tell us your current career goals and let’s build a strong partnership to achieve them.
Team Coaching
Work together for common goals
Every team is a unique entity, with a “life” of its own. For members to adopt change, be more agile and innovate, sometimes an outside perspective makes all the difference. Our coaching sessions are designed to challenge the status quo for the team to generate viable solutions.

We facilitate an open dialogue with members and help them develop a shared understanding of their resources and use them creatively. Our follow-up sessions focus on measuring results and making adjustments for your team to become self-reliant.

Book a team coaching session with us to explore your team’s dynamics and improve performance.

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