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We conduct personality assessments and evidence based HR consulting

Increase self-awareness, create opportunities, guide and inspire

Our 360-degree psychometric assessments outline thought-provoking behavioural insights and developmental suggestions closely aligned with your organisation’s strategic objectives, vision and values. After a thorough analysis, we move forward to our coaching specialists and expert learning facilitators. Following an evidence-based approach, they’ll guide and help you reach your full potential allowing you to explore what the next level of performance and engagement looks like.

You should expect a holistic view of the strengths, key values and drivers. A 360 analysis from superiors, peers, subordinates and clients. Individual feedback reports and individual development plans with smart goals. We build motivation and self-efficacy.

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Behavioural Insights

We closely examine your traits, skills, and drivers. Our 360 feedback surveys and reports focus on core leadership competencies: strong ethics and safety, self-organising, efficient learning, nurture of growth, connection and belonging. Correlate managerial performance with other business results, such as productivity, innovation and growth, or employee turnover.

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Our team of expert learning facilitators and coach professionals facilitate transformational experiences. They focus on key areas identified in the assessments. Then use an evidence-based approach. Goals, action plans, and a developmental strategy is carefully designed.

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Based on a detailed initial analysis, we address team chemistry. We focus on individual and team level strengths and behavioural differences. Behavioural change is encouraged at the individual and team level. We guide dynamics in a psychologically safe environment.

Teamed up with

We have partnered up with Great People Inside and use their digitally powered assessment tools. To that we add our expertise and provide you with the best possible results tailored to your requirements. 

We have partnered up with Qriser to educate and inspire. Webinars, coaching interventions, workshops and practical courses on meaningful work on Qriser’s lifelong learning platform.

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We collaborate with a professional coach and expert learning facilitator. They bring their evidence-based approach and psychology expertise to make sure you are provided with the best possible results tailored to your requirements. 

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