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We conduct personality assessments and evidence based HR consulting

Better understand the forces inside your company and the opportunities for improvement

Let’s face it – in today’s fast-forward environment we have to be agile and need a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing. We investigate the degree to which the right conditions for all staff to give their best each day at work are met and connect our programs with real staff expectations. 

We call attention to changes in culture and leadership behaviours to support these efforts. Our practices aim to boost performance, employee engagement and retention, and the wellbeing of staff. You should expect insightful reports, low turnover rates, increased task performance, manager self-efficacy, lower levels of stress and absenteeism.

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Work Engagement
Job Satisfaction

We examine work engagement and employees' levels of satisfaction against key criteria. Then, we provide individual and team-level reports with action plans for improvement. We go further, and design engagement promotion programmes for all levels of the organisation.

Teamed up with

We have partnered up with Great People Inside and use their digitally powered assessment tools. To that we add our expertise and provide you with the best possible results tailored to your requirements.

We have partnered up with Qriser to educate and inspire. Webinars, coaching interventions, workshops and practical courses on meaningful work on Qriser’s lifelong learning platform.

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