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Hire the right people using modern psychometrics
Streamline recruitment
82% of those likely to be low performers can be filtered out of the selection process early on.
Hire the right fit
High match employees are likely to deliver 36% more revenue than low match ones.
Reduce costs
Cut recruitment costs by 30 to 40% and reduce the time a new recruit takes to become effective.
Develop synergetic teams
Develop cohesive and effective teams that are ultimately built for high performance.
Personality - Cognitive Abilities - Emotional Intelligence
Test Design and Validation
Recruitment is a timely and costly process. So, getting hiring decisions right and finding employees that won’t leave your business is critical. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), says it costs an average of 6 to 9 months of your former employee’s salary to find and onboard their replacement.

Can you afford that kind of hit financially or to productivity?

Hire us to build customised psychometric tests and reliably assess attributes proven to predict performance at work. Create your bespoke assessment tools that measure general mental abilities, emotional intelligence, values and personality traits.

Reduce staff turnover. Better-fit employees lead to stronger employee engagement and retention.
Individual and Team Analysis
Psychological Profiling
Reduce the time taken to find the right talent for your business using our custom-built assessment tools. Compare individual profiles against your team’s dynamics and speed up the time-to-hire. Quickly spot the right person when they arrive at your hiring pipeline.

Maybe you want to build teams that work smarter, agile and engaged?

Knowing how to match strong personalities in working groups and recognising patterns and similarities among staff enables your team to realise its full potential. Our custom-built tools measure team cognition and decision-making, group processes and relationships, diversity and conflict, group emotions, psychological safety, and problem solving.

Build team cohesion, foster collaboration, and unite your team around your business goals.
360 Feedback Analysis
We bring our own biases to the table when making decisions. According to AON Assessments, the likelihood of someone in a position of authority making a poor decision is 50%. They either tend to rely solely on first impressions, or ignore anything that contradicts their preconceived ideas.

As opposed to managerial reviews, our 360-multi-rater tool brings in feedback from different angles: peers, reporting staff, coworkers and supervisors, and a self-assessment by the person being appraised.

Want to make it easier to spot development opportunities in your teams? Hire us to create a 360-tool that encourages ongoing development and supplies your department with insights on individual and team training needs, useful for both career and personal development.

Get a breadth of perspectives that traditional performance reviews lack.
Gamified Assessments and Recruitment Exercises
Testing Skills
According to Criteria Pre-Employment Testing, up to 78 percent of resumes are deceptive, and up to 46 percent contain untruths. Likewise, unstructured interviews tend to be biased and eventually serve as poor predictors of job performance. By applying our skills tests, you can verify if candidates are likely to possess the skills they claim to have. 

Want to avoid tests using outdated questions that bear no resemblance to the job or your company?

Hire us to write bespoke situational judgement (SJTs), in-tray, e-tray, and role-playing scenarios. Introduce gaming elements to create engaging and forward-looking tests. Examine more than 50 skills with scientifically designed pre-employment tests that can predict task performance across a wide range of roles and industries.

Increase employee retention and ensure that applicants have the right skills for the job.
Test Exams, Recruitment Exercises and Interviews
Individual and Group Coaching
Pressure! A word that many of us dread during job interviews or aptitude tests. It can lead to nerves, anxiety, and sloppy mistakes, culminating in poor performance. It takes time and practice to perform well under pressure.

Are you having trouble getting past interviews and aptitude tests?

Everybody needs help at times. Book a coaching session with us and address potential pitfalls in mock interviews. Learn key techniques and improve your results on aptitude and personality tests, assessment centres, and other recruitment exercises.

You're facing competition in the market. Get an edge on other candidates and land the job you desire.

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