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We conduct personality assessments and evidence based HR consulting

Everything we do is an intervention and we start with listening

We rely on a participatory and transparent dialogue to create the premises for being heard, for untold stories, and the emergence of new voices. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive personality assessment addressed to any personal development needs. We do not give ready-made solutions so we can facilitate an organic understanding of your personality and behaviours. Results are explored together in a 45-minutes session and for inquisitive bohemians, we also generate a detailed and measurable action plan for ongoing personal development.

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Personality Assessments for
Personal Development

We believe that everything we do is an intervention so, for that reason, we use our personality assessment tools and psychological expertise to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Just to name a few dimensions, we look at your emotional intelligence, assertiveness, connection with others, curiosity and self-awareness. We believe in long term development and identify key areas in your profile to develop and create a tailored action plan for ongoing personal development.

Teamed up with

We have partnered up with Great People Inside and make use of their digitally powered assessment tools, to which we add our vast organisational psychology expertise, making certain you are provided with the best possible results tailored to your requirements. 

We have partnered up with Qriser to educate and inspire. Webinars, coaching interventions, workshops and practical courses on meaningful work on Qriser’s lifelong learning platform.

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