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Outperform competition
Companies with high levels of employ­ee engage­ment out­per­form those with low lev­els by 202%.
Reduce errors
Dis­en­gaged employ­ees tend to have a 60% high­er error rate than those who are more engaged.
Greater profitability
Engaged employ­ees are likely to bring a 21% increase in profit to a company’s bot­tom line.
Save money
Dis­en­gaged employ­ees are thought to cost the UK £52 – 70 bil­lion per year in lost productivity.
Engagement, Satisfaction, Well-Being
Organisational Health
On a scale of 1 to 10, how effective do you think engagement surveys are? Several factors drive employee engagement: supportive management, meaningful work, professional growth opportunities, skills training, a culture of recognition, work-life balance, empowered teams – just to name a few.

According to Gallup’s State of Global Workforce Report, 85% of employees around the world are either not engaged or disengaged with their work.

Our customised questionnaires, behavioural observations, focus groups and in-depth interviews help you understand your employees' level of mental health and well-being. We work with each organisation to develop the most effective roll-out process and give insightful results, comparisons against international benchmarks, and customised reports. 

Hire us to create a healthy work environment through team and individual interventions on work-family conflict, job crafting, work-related stress, burnout, and work design.
Performance Management
Multi-Rater Tools, Feedback, Coaching
HR departments often struggle with line managers who don’t use the assessment process to track poor performers. Even when they do, waiting until the end of the year to reach out to underperformers allows failure to go on for too long without intervention. 

Hackman and Oldman (1980) argue that performance feedback may enhance motivation and job satisfaction, playing a vital part in career development and performance management. 

Our interventions focus on coaching middle managers and team leaders to provide constructive feedback on performance, devising customised development plans for their staff.

Hire us to create behavioural competency assessment, 360-feedback tools, and give your staff the opportunity to really improve performance.
HR Audit
Integrated HR systems
Do you have any missing or outdated HR policies or practices? Does your organisation measure the effectiveness as well as the costs of recruiting sources? Do you have a thorough picture of the underlying reasons of absence and attendance in your company?

HR audits can diagnose issues before they become real problems. We focus on: recruitment and selection, onboarding and induction, attendance, performance management, employee engagement, and retention. Our HR coaching experts help you align HR practices with business strategy, and strengthen the capability of line managers.

Make HR your business partner to reduce costs and effectively manage your workforce.

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