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Emotional Intelligence at Work Notes

Emotional Intelligence at Work: Learn from Your Emotions

Think about your workplace, the people around you, and the situations you find yourself in. Every day, a variety of emotions are at play. Remember the last time you saw two of your co-workers arguing

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People having a video hiring interview

An Evidence Based Guide to Hiring Interviews

Without question, interviews are the most widely used means of selecting employees. To help industry professionals, we have designed an evidence based guide to hiring interviews. One popular misconception is that asking all applicants the

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The Inner View Selection Practices based on Artificial Intelligence Science Blog Post

Is your selection process based on artificial intelligence? Make sure you use it right.

Companies tend to rely more and more on Artificial Intelligence based evaluation to make the selection process more standardised and cost efficient. Some use it to signal financial fitness and a culture of innovation to potential applicants. As such, there

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Building Smarter, Agile and Engaged Teams Photo for The Inner View Blog Post

Build Smarter, Agile and Engaged Teams using the Science of Modern Psychometrics

Have you wondered how challenging it is to lead a group of different characters? And at the same time distinguish your presence inside your business as leadership rather than management? Use the science of modern

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Cover photo for blog post about rational decisions

The Science and Practice behind Managing Change. A Call to (Ir)Rationality?

Have you recently gone through any kind of change in the last 3 months? Do you wish you had done something differently? Maybe make better decisions or cope more efficiently? Learn about the science and

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Visionary HR Conference and The Inner View

Visionary HR Conference – Key points to remember.

The Inner View has recently attended the Visionary HR Conference in Brasov organised by Great People Inside under the championship of Mr Doru Dima and his dedicated team. We had a great time, listened to insightful presentations, and spoke with brilliant minds.

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