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Cosmin Gabriel Sofron
I/O Psychologist and HR Consultant
with international experience in psychometrics, hr consulting, and organisational diagnosis projects. My purpose is to help companies and individuals alike be aware of their inner workings and balance long-term performance, health and well-being.
Andreea Ibanescu
Expert Learning Facilitator and HR Consultant
with international experience in coaching and learning and development projects. My purpose is to facilitate transformational experiences for people, teams and organisations in order to reach their goals by using an evidence-based approach.
Szabó Dávid
People Analytics Consultant
with experience in performance management, culture assessments, and hr information systems. My purpose is to enable continuous and collaborative data-driven workforce optimisation in tech companies.
Violeta Mates
ACC, Certified Executive and Team Coach
with international experience in evidence-based coaching. I am currently working as a professional coach and people development business partner, with both teams and executives to help them reach their full potential.

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From the first interaction with Cosmin, I appreciated his professional attitude and I wanted him to be part of our team. After working on a few HR and Sales projects together I want to recommend Cosmin as a very good communicator and a very well organised person. He pays attention to details and has a creative mind.

Having a client-focused approach, and being passionate about everything related to organisational life, Andreea was always interested in understanding both individual and organisational behaviours. Her genuine curiosity helped her achieve positive results. She proved maturity in managing situations, responsibility, and good planning and organising skills, as she worked efficiently on internal Learning and Development projects.

Cosmin is an expert in psychometrics and recruiting. He is a very pleasant professional to work with. He was always on time with the deadlines and delivered quality work. He gave great insights into our project, more than we expected. I would gladly work with him again. Highly recommended.

David has an inquisitive mind that has helped us uncover and understand the way we work together in great detail. He has an appetite for knowledge and is always eager to learn. While his approach is unconventional, he offers innovative solutions that are founded on professional expertise and a vision of sustainable improvement.

My collaboration with Andreea gave me numerous ideas on how to become more aware and be better organised in my activities. She encouraged me to broaden my horizons, as well as to shed light on my passions and priorities and capitalise on them. I highly recommend Andreea, as she is an extremely engaged person whom I can learn from.

Work hard, analyse, refine, iterate and succeed. Cosmin has a unique a combination of skills, a very deep understanding of human personalities and interactions, a diplomatic way to introduce changes, a passion for learning and a strong determination. I see Cosmin as a great asset for a company on any position related to organization.

It was a pleasure to work with Cosmin on a branding project. Organised and determined to get the best results, we managed the available resources efficiently, to deliver high quality results. I recommend Cosmin particularly for his strategic vision and communication skills, and I would be delighted to work with him again in the near future.