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Visionary HR Conference and The Inner View

The Inner View has recently attended the Visionary HR Conference in Brasov organised by Great People Inside under the championship of Mr Doru Dima and his dedicated team. We had a great time, listened to insightful presentations, and spoke with brilliant minds. For that reason, we would like to share with you a few key points to remember from the HR conference.

Dan Hill Talking About the Emotional Profile of Romanian Leaders in Anticipation of the Presidential Elections in Romania

Visionary HR Romanian Leaders Compared The Inner View

There has been a lot of talk recently about a new wave of conservative and nationalistic views and values (re)emerging in different parts of the world. In such a complex political and social climate, it seems that emotions are of significant importance when it comes to presidential elections.

While joy and pleasure are associated with a candidate’s democratic values, anger and disgust are related to autocratic views. Also, the sadder presidents are, the more likely they are to fail in their role. The message is clear: we should keep an eye on how our leaders manage their emotions.

What Will The Future of HR Look Like?

Visionary HR Digital Blocks of the Future with The Inner View

The future of HR looks bright!

Digitalisation, machine learning and AI are already disrupting the field. From HR chatbots to computational psychometrics, technology will completely revolutionise the way we practice HR.

We still have a few steps to take. In the meantime, here are some key points to remember:

  • Look at the whole lifecycle of employees in the organisation.
  • Bring passion and humanity in your services.
  • Sense of purpose, recognition, company culture and leadership are essential factors for talent management and retention.
  • Release the power of HR as a field by focusing on developing communities and the society.

How Satisfied Are You With Your Current Job?

Visionary HR Examples of Engagement Interventions The Inner View

Most likely you’ve been asked this question during your career at least once.

It turns out, though, that you’ve been asked the wrong question all along.

While satisfaction is important to a certain extent, because it gives you pleasure, it’s engagement that makes the difference in our work.

What is work engagement? 

According to Mr Wilmar B. Schaufeli professor of work and organizational psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and distinguished research professor at Leuven University (Belgium) – it’s a complex state manifested when work gives you vigour (i.e., energy), dedication (i.e., a sense of purpose and pride), and absorption (i.e., mental focus).

Unlike satisfaction, which involves deactivating emotions, engagement is extremely activating, which means higher correlations with performance and extra-role behaviours. So, next time you want to be more engaged in your work, increase job resources – the things that allow you to find meaning, autonomy, growth and relatedness in your work.

What Are the Skills of the Future?

Visionary HR Skills of the Future The Inner View

They include agility, data analytics, digital skills, and project-based work.

Adaptive leadership and development programs must incorporate them and develop not only the skills per se, but the employee as a whole person. For that, you need to ask questions and listen to the needs of your employees. What has your organisation done so far for the employee experience?

Empowerment comes in many shapes and forms. Learning should focus just as much, if not more, on developing your strengths, instead of limitations. Reflect on what you do a lot, are good at, and enjoy doing so much because it gives you energy. Capitalise on it in order to be more resourceful, adaptable and self-confident.

Bottom up innovation at the company level emerges when you ask employees the tough questions. Practice the Socratic dialogue with them every now and then. Identify their monthly or weekly priorities, and don’t be afraid to ask a simple but powerful question: How can I help you with that?

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Cosmin Gabriel Sofron

Cosmin Gabriel Sofron works as an I/O Psychologist, HR and Organizational Consultant with expertise in psychometric testing & development, gamified assessments, coaching, and group dynamics. His mission is to empower individuals and organisations in balancing long-term performance and wellbeing by using methods and strategies from cognitive behavioural science, psychology, and modern psychometrics.

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