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We conduct personality assessments and evidence based HR consulting

It all starts with hiring the right people having your company’s game plan in mind right?

We understand the challenges posed by recruitment and selection. Furthermore, finding a genuine fit is essential for the value of your business. Without the right tools and expertise, recruitment can easily turn out to be not only time-consuming but very expensive too. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary analyses for narrowing down the overwhelming pool of candidates to the optimal fit in terms of both skills and personality. This allows you to minimise the resources spent in the process and to maximise your chances to onboard the right person for the job. 

Psychometric Design
Personality - Cognitive Ability - Skills
Test Design and Validation

Create customised assessments for each role, match candidates against a well-designed Job Profile and find those who meet your standards. Be mindful about your time and resources by designing and validating your own tools.

The Inner View - Assessments
Personality - Ability - Skills
Executive and Management Recruitment

Our assessment tools integrate a wide range of personality, interests, values, and cognitive abilities tests. We provide comprehensive analyses, tailored advice, and in-depth reports that help you hire the right people, as well as train and develop them further.

The Inner View - Psychometric Testing
Personality - Ability - Skills
Onboarding and Staff Development

Hire the right person in terms of skills, but balance that with a glimpse into their personality, interests and cognitive potential. We provide tailored advice and design in-depth reports that allows for actionable insights.

Teamed up with

We have partnered up with Great People Inside and use their digitally powered assessment tools. To that we add our expertise and provide you with the best possible results tailored to your requirements. 

We have partnered up with Qriser to educate and inspire. Webinars, coaching interventions, workshops and practical courses on meaningful work on Qriser’s lifelong learning platform.

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